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Skin Cancer Clinic

More than most other countries in the world, many Australians spend a lot of time outside being exposed to high UV rays, especially during the summer. As a result, skin cancer is a common problem in Australia. According to the Cancer Council, two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they turn 70, and more than 750,000 are people treated for one or multiple skin cancers in Australia every year. If you’re in Lawnton, Petrie , Strathpine, Bray park areas and looking for a skin check service, Gympie Road Medical Centre are here for you. For all concession card holders or Children under 16 years, we Bulk Bill skin checks however any biopsy or procedures done, there will be a fee in which will be discussed prior to proceeding with the excision. If you do not hold a concession card, there is a fee of $120.00 for the skin check with a $41.40 rebate back from medicare. 

A caring approach from a professional team

With such a huge prevalence of skin cancer in Australia, most GPs are trained in diagnosing skin cancer. The process is quite simple. A device known as a Dermoscope is used to identify abnormalities that may be invisible to the naked eye. A biopsy may be taken of a suspicious lesion that can be sent away for testing. It is very critical to detect and treat skin cancer at the early stage.

We have a skin cancer clinic at our medical centre, that is a part of our goal to provide all primary care under one roof which is not only convenient for you but also provides easy communication between providers who are involved in your care. Following up for results and wound care after any procedure if needed becomes much easier.

Our skin cancer clinic is run by GPs with specialist training in skin cancers. They offer a comprehensive range of skin cancer screening and skin procedures.

Book an appointment with us today

Please call up our friendly team at Gympie Road Medical Centre on (07) 3338 8828 for more information, we’re always willing to chat about our services with you.

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