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Pre-employment medical assessments are used to screen individuals for risk factors that may limit their ability to perform a job effectively and safely.

The level of Pre-employment medical assessment is different and depending on the role that employees are applying for will vary.

Pre-employment medical assessments might include anything from straightforward medical checks (such as eye tests and blood pressure) through to functional assessment, hearing test and lung function tests.

All employees will be required to fill out a health assessment questionnaire prior to their visit for medical assessment which enables the qualified health practitioners to assess and consolidate all relevant aspects of the candidate’s medical history and physical condition to make a recommendation in relation to the candidate’s ability to perform the proposed role. This report then will be released to the employers.

If you’re in the Brendale, Lawnton, Petrie or Strathpine areas book a pre-employment medical with Gympie Road Medical Centre today.

Steps of Pre employment medical assessment:
Step 1 – Written questionnaire:

Prior to your medical assessment, the employee needs to complete a written questionnaire.  In most cases, the questionnaire will ask very broad questions to gather as much information as possible. It is expected that the candidate will declare all medical concerns, regarding their physical or psychological health.

Step 2- Medical assessment:

When candidates arrive for their pre-employment medical, they are required to bring a photo ID and complete some additional forms.

Please bring your ID (Such as Medicare card, driving license, passport etc.) on the day of assessment.

Depending on your proposed role, your medical examination process will be comprehensive from measurement of your blood pressure and visual acuity and hearing test (Audiometry) ,checking blood sugar level and full physical examination. Depending on the requirement from the employer and job description, urine drugs screening might be required .

If your job involves demanding physical activities, you might be required to undertake a work fitness assessment (also known as a functional capacity assessment or musculoskeletal assessment), so appropriate loose-fitting clothing and closed in shoes (preferably runners) should be worn.

Additional Tests to Combine with Pre-Employment Examinations
  • Urine Drug Screen (only)

  • Alcohol Breath Test (only)

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG)

  •  Vaccinations

  • Spirometry (lung function) test

  • Functional/Fitness Assessment

Functional/Fitness Assessments

The allied health professionals perform functional and fitness assessments as an adjunct to the pre-employment medical process if required. These assessments are designed to cover flexibility and strength, task matched to the job description. The assessment will provide a better indication of the candidate’s physical capacity, allowing employers to appropriately match a job to the applicant’s functional capacity.

We strongly recommend the benefits of conducting this assessment on candidates applying for positions with an increased risk of injury, high injury rates or unusual physical demand that might result in injury, for example ceiling-fixers, baggage handlers, and tunnellers.

During an assessment, our allied health professionals check manual handling techniques and provide education to correct and reinforce safe manual handling practices. If there are specific physical tasks required for the position, the allied health professional will design a test to mimic and assess the candidate’s ability to undertake that specific function for example, a baggage handling test replicating work carried out in a plane’s hold.

Moreover, we are able to tailor our services to employer’s requirements (also known as Stand Alone Medical Examinations). In such cases, the team at Gympie Road Medical Centre will develop a medical assessment after consultation with employers or company’s health and safety officer to make sure it is meeting industry specific requirements and individual business needs.

Step 3 – Report and recommendation:

Following the assessment, the medical practitioners will provide a report that includes a recommendation on the candidate’s medical suitability for the specific role and the risk of aggravating a pre-existing condition or developing a new condition. This enables the employers to appropriately determine their course of action. We ensure you receive the report within 24- 48 hours depends of the complexity of the situation.

Choose Gympie Road Medical Centre for your pre-employment medical. Please contact our practice by calling (07) 3338 8828 for booking and the service fees. Please note that pre-employment medical is not covered by medicare. We are available for employers and companies in  Moreton Bay region including Lawnton, Petrie, Strathpine, Brendale, Bald Hills and Warner.

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