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Ear Health
An Ear Suctioning Specialist around Lawnton and Strathpine Areas

At Gympie Road Medical Centre, we offer an advanced way to help patients with external ear issues such as infection of external ear (Swimmer’s ear), wax impaction and foreign objects.

The Doctors can use a ear suction machine which has microscopes for a clear and magnified  view of ear canal and a micro-instrumentation suction for better cleaning by vacuuming the wax and debris out.

There are two common methods of cleaning the ear canal:

  • Traditional ear syringing


Performing syringing is widely available in the majority of GP practices or emergency departments. While it is an effective way and is the most available method, drum perforations, canal trauma, and infection are not infrequent after syringing. Perforations commonly occur in previously weakened drums. Ear syringing is not normally recommended at presence of an active infection.

  • Use of the microscope and a micro-suction


Ear suctioning equipment is extremely helpful to illuminate the external auditory canal plus performing suctioning under direct vision.

Foreign items such as cotton buds, seeds, or other vegetable matter that may absorb water, should not be irrigated, as they may swell and become more difficult to remove. In these cases, microscopic suctioning is the preferred method.

Moreover, in patients with recurrent infection of external auditory canal this method provides the superior clinical outcome comparing to syringing.

Micro suctioning is generally well tolerated, safe and efficacious. It also has the advantage of not exposing the ear to moisture, thus has fewer contraindications, and is associated with a lower frequency of infections. Discomfort due to noise is the greatest complaint but is tolerable in majority of cases.

Some people get recurrent Otitis externa (infection of external ear canal) which is an inflammation/ infection of the skin of the auditory canal. The ear canal is a narrow, warm, blind-ended tunnel, which makes it a good protected environment for bacterial or fungal infection .

Proper suctioning under the microscope equipment (Ear toileting) allows the treatment (drops) to make better contact with the lining of the ear canal, so that they can be more effective.

Wax impaction is also another condition that can affect hearing, cause ringing (tinnitus) , discomfort or even dizziness.  Wax impaction is quite common in people who are using hearing aid.  Ear toileting is highly effective way in wax removal, especially at presence of other ear pathology that makes ear syringing unsuitable.

If you have ear complaints, please don’t hesitate to call us on (07) 3338 8828 to book an appointment at Gympie Road Medical Centre with the general practitioners. The doctors prefer to have a consult for initial assessment before ear toileting.

**This service is not covered by Medicare and not bulk billed. Please contact the practice for more information.

Fee's do apply 

Please call reception on 07 333 888 28 to discuss the fee's involved. 

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